Investor Services

CityScape Capital Group purchases historic rehabilitation, new markets, and solar energy tax credits on an investor's behalf via its series of CCG Historic & Energy Partners Funds. Based upon the investor's investment objectives and preferred method of investment, CCG establishes a standard set of acceptable deal terms and conditions including pricing, cash flow sharing, residual options, and guarantee requirements, and then proceeds to identify, evaluate and present potential tax credit opportunities.

CCG's goal is to always structure an efficient, mutually beneficial investment transaction while laying the foundation for a successful and long-term business relationship. CCG's suite of client professional services include:

  1. Deal Origination and Structuring
  2. Financial Projection Preparation
  3. Internal Work Document Production
  4. Due Diligence Examination
  5. Negotiation, Closing and Funding Services
  6. Asset Management and Reporting

CCG is committed to developing long-term client relationships based upon superior performance and attention to detail. By providing value-added advisory services addressing transactional capacity evaluations, alternative minimum tax, regulatory and environmental concerns, internal control and accounting issues, strategy and business planning, and tax credit portfolio sales, CCG consistently enables its clients to achieve their tax credit investment objectives. As a result, investor clients benefit from not only increased product flow but also savings in time, money and human resources.